Do you know the feeling when you've seen a really good movie? You feel good, get excited about the emotional moments and laugh with joy? That's how I feel at the weddings I'm allowed to attend! I love immersing myself in a new world every time and having the privilege of accompanying you.

Below you can see some insights into my work as a wedding photographer. I will be happy to show you more complete reports in our preliminary talk.


Ölper Waldhaus

What could be more beautiful than a free wedding ceremony in the Ölper Waldhaus in Braunschweig followed by a celebration. Accompanied by live music and a wonderful speech by Nadine from Verliebte Worte.

Manor in Stemmen

A wonderful day at the manor in Hanover Stemmen with a wedding dance before the actual wedding. A ride in a VW bucket and moments reminiscent of a love movie.

Destination-Wedding-Spain-Finca-Wedding-Sa Rapita-Dennis Brandt

Finca wedding Mallorca

A stylish villa in Sa Rapita Mallorca Spain and a touch of Mediterranean flair is in the air. Let's reminisce a little about Mallorca.

Lucklum manor

A romantic wedding at the Rittergut Lucklum with a nostalgic VW bus what a great backdrop it was. Even if the weather didn't always play along, it was a wonderful wedding.

Herrenhaeuser-Gaerten bridal couple wedding

CoupleShooting in historical gardens

Why not just take the photos before the wedding? We were out and about together in the Herrhäuser Gardens for this great bridal couple shoot.

Civil wedding ceremony, Duderstadt town hall

I was allowed to accompany the wedding in the picturesque setting of the old town hall of Duderstadt.


Getting married at the Kotjemühle Ütze

Surrounded by nature in an idyllic location on the edge of the forest is the Alte Mühle with its wedding room.


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