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Your wedding is a day full of magical moments - a day on which every smile, every look and every touch tells a story. It is these precious moments that touch the heart and fill the soul that make the day so special. But as quickly as the day comes, it passes just as quickly. What remains are the memories - and this is precisely where the incomparable importance of a wedding photographer lies.

Imagine flicking through your wedding album years later and suddenly you are there again - you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, hear the laughter of your guests and see the tears of joy in the eyes of your loved ones. A wedding photographer doesn't just capture pictures, but emotions and stories. He captures the fleeting moments that might otherwise get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day.

A professional photographer sees the beauty in the small details - the lovingly arranged flowers, the delicate lace of your dress, the furtive glances between you and your guests. He manages to capture the essence of your big day and preserve it for eternity. Each photo is a window into the past that will always remind you of the love and happiness you shared on that day.

Without a wedding photographer, many of these precious moments may only remain vague memories. With a photographer, on the other hand, you will have a tangible collection of memories that will become more precious with time. These images will be with you when you tell your children and grandchildren about your special day, when you reminisce together and when you remember why you chose each other.

That's why it's so important to have a wedding photographer - someone who is passionate and creative about telling your story and capturing the magic of your day so you can treasure it forever.

As soon as you are sure that I am the right wedding photographer for you, please send me a message so that no other couple can snatch the date away from you. Smaller weddings and civil appointments are of course also possible during the week from Monday to Friday. Large reportages require a request period of at least one month in advance (within Germany). For weddings abroad, it is best to plan your preferred service providers directly during the pre-planning stage. Many bridal couples plan more than a year in advance as soon as the date of the location is fixed.

And of course we have to get to know each other - I absolutely insist on that. It's such an intimate day that I get to accompany you on, and trust plays a big role. In a preliminary talk (Zoom, depending on the distance) we will discuss your wishes and your previous planning in peace.

No, of course not 🙂 Even if it says wedding photographer Peine everywhere. I travel all over Germany to capture the best moments of your big day for you. You tell me your great story and I will accompany you almost to the end of the world. Whether Braunschweig, Hanover, Peine or Spain, there is no limit to the distance I can travel to capture the story of your life with you. So don't hesitate, even if you come from a completely different part of Germany.

My aim is to photograph every wedding as uniquely as it was and to reproduce it as a reportage. Real moments when the kids raid the candy bar or when the bride and groom shake a leg and the guests celebrate. Emotions are always the best part of these days and I capture them for you in the moments when they happen. It is a mixture of the location, the decoration, you, the bridal couple and everything that happens on this day. In addition to a password-protected online gallery, you will also receive high-quality prints from me. I will be happy to show you complete reportages during a preliminary talk.

Depending on the scope (packages), high-quality photo books are also included or can be booked for an additional charge

I offer you the opportunity to book a pre-wedding appointment before your wedding to take photos for your invitation cards. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of an after wedding shoot to slip into your wedding attire and relive the feelings of the big day, relaxed in a great location we let you reminisce again.
Wedding cake cutting Photo by Dennis Brandt
Destination Wedding Mallorca wedding photographer

Unique moments

I love imperfect moments because perfectionism can simply ruin many moments. My way of working is rather inconspicuous in the background but then often close up like a guest with a camera. That's how I manage to get real shots without staged scenes. Of course, you can't miss the good mood on location and with my calm manner I also take away the fear of being photographed from the last bridal couple. I want to be more of a person than a service provider for you on your wedding day and am happy to use my knowledge to help you with any open questions.

Every journey begins with the first step.

I look forward to hearing from you!

The party is over at some point, the taste of the cake forgotten, and the beautiful song that the DJ played? Maybe the chorus will stay in your head, but the memories of the big day will stay with you forever.

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