About me


Family man

and wedding photographer from Peine

Why weddings?

Quite simply! Where can you find love, beauty, happiness and joy all in one place? There is no better place in the world for me to work than at the weddings I have the privilege of attending. And the beauty of it is that it doesn't matter whether it's in the Peine, Braunschweig, Hanover or Hildesheim region, or rather anywhere in Germany and Europe.

Authentic and real is your thing?

Staged poses are honestly not my thing, to be honest this is exactly the reason why my couples book me. We prefer to go for a walk and create real moments and little laughs that are a thousand times more vivid than Uncle Bob's photos. Imagine one of you two tripping over a stone? Be honest, a little grin comes to your face, doesn't it? Moments like that are real and funny.
Hey, thank you both for being here and checking out my website. I always say that I want to be more of a person than a service provider for you, and I mean it. I love attending weddings and am infinitely grateful to be able to pursue this passion as a profession.
I was born in Braunschweig (Lower Saxony) in 1987, but I feel at home anywhere in the world. My wife and I now live comfortably in the village with our three children and our little zoo - a dog and two cats.
I have a secret fondness for old cars and classic cars with character, always have an open ear for good conversation and love being out in nature. A road trip with good memories is also always welcome and yes, of course I take photos there too.

And sometimes we even get to know her on the phone while she's out for a walk. Our little destroyer.
By the way, at every wedding I take a selfie of myself as a memento, sometimes in a chrome hubcap of the bride's car and other times in a large mirror in the ballroom. It's a kind of diary for me afterwards to remember how many great YES words I was allowed to accompany.
I Love

My top 4

  • my family
  • Sunrises
  • Road trips
  • Pizza
Wedding photographer Dennis Brandt in the Harz Mountains with an analog camera

And now it's up to you

I look forward to your story!

Who is coming to your big day and, most importantly, who are you? Do you have a preference for classic cars? Or do we want to experience an elopement on top of a mountain? Do you like being in nature? What music will be played on your big day? I could list a thousand things, but you have to take this step for me and write your own story in the form of a request.

Our wedding was an unforgettable day and Dennis managed to capture all the wonderful moments without us even noticing him. His calm manner took so much stress away from us. We are thrilled with the authentic images that tell our story perfectly." - Jennifer & Johann